AN EATING DISORDER IS a psychological illness with physical consequences, caused by a combination of genetic, behavioral, psychological, and social influences.

Types of Eating Disorders

There are many different kinds of eating disorders. Learn about what distinguishes each diagnosis from another. See our Eating Disorders Diagnoses to learn about what distinguishes each diagnosis from another.

Eating disorder warning signs

Eating disorders are treated most successfully when they are caught early. Learn about what warning signs may indicate an eating disorder on our Warning Signs page.

Eating disorder risk factors

Some factors make an individual much more susceptible to developing an eating disorder. Learn more about what makes people vulnerable to developing an eating disorder on our Eating Disorder Risk Factors page.

eating disorders in athletes

Athletes are especially vulnerable to eating disorders. Visit our Special Populations page to discover the reasons why and what the consequences of malnourishment are for athletes of all sports, shapes, and sizes.

eating disorders in males

Eating disorders in males are often overlooked or ignored because of the stigma of eating disorders being a “women’s disease”. The truth is that eating disorders to not discriminate by gender. Check out our Special Populations page to learn more about eating disorders in males.

eating disorders in children

Children can develop eating disorders as young as 7 years old. Learn more about the warning signs in children and how parents can help prevent disordered eating through our Special Populations page.

how to help a loved one

Concerned that your friend or family member might have an eating disorder? Learn more about how to talk to them and help them recover through our How to Help and How to Provide Support pages.