about eating disorders

AN EATING DISORDER IS a psychological illness with physical consequences, caused by a combination of genetic, behavioral, psychological, and social influences.

types of eating disorders

There are many different kinds of eating disorders. Learn about what distinguishes each diagnosis from another on our Types of Eating Disorders page.

eating disorder warning signs

Eating disorders are treated most successfully when they are caught early. Learn about what warning signs may indicate an eating disorder through our Eating Disorder Warning Signs page.

eating disorder risk factors

Some factors make an individual much more likely to develop an eating disorder. Learn more about what makes people vulnerable to developing an eating disorder on our Eating Disorder Risk Factors page.

eating disorders in special populations

Often overlooked, athletes, males, and children are all susceptible to eating disorders. The truth is that eating disorders do not discriminate by gender or age. Find out more about eating disorders in athletes, males, and children in our Special Populations page.