EDIN Programs

EDIN is a comprehensive resource and educational guide for those suffering from eating disorders, schools seeking informative programming and professionals wanting to learn more about eating disorders. throughout Atlanta and across the Southeast, edin provides various programming. view our current programs below.


Community and School Education and Outreach

Each year, EDIN provides educational presentations on eating disorders to schools, community groups, and other local organizations throughout the Southeast. These presentations are provided by knowledgeable speakers trained by EDIN, and are based on EDIN's vetted eating disorders awareness curricula.

To book an informative and engaging one-hour presentation and discussion on eating disorders, please click on the button below. Please note that while EDIN offers community and school presentations at no charge, we appreciate donations in any amount in support of this important cause.

Running On Empty: Outreach for Athletes and Coaches

EDIN's Running on Empty Program provides coaches and athletic trainers with the skills and resources needed to identify and prevent eating disorders among their athletes. This training will also teach coaches and trainers how to effectively communicate with and support at-risk athletes. 

Curriculum Objectives: 

  • Identify disordered eating patterns, over-exercising and under-fueling (known as Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports) in athletes; 

  • Employ positive strategies to communicate effectively with athletes and parents about disordered eating; 

  • Provide examples of ways to support an athlete's recovery from disordered eating patterns;  

  •  Identify ways to prevent disordered eating among athletes through adequate fueling and healthy training practices.

corporate health and wellness presentations

EDIN's Speakers Bureau includes knowledgeable, trained dietitians who can address current health and wellness trends that recognize and effectively address both disordered eating, often the result of dieting, as well as eating disorders in the workplace.

To book an informative and engaging one-hour presentation and discussion on health, wellness, and eating disorders, please click on the button below. EDIN respectfully suggests a donation in the amount of at least $250 in support of this important cause. 


Each month EDIN partners with a treatment provider and hosts a networking Lunch and Learn in Atlanta. Attended by up to 50 professionals, including medical practitioners, therapists, dietitians, and other care providers, this lunch event provides an opportunity to meet and talk with others working in eating disorders treatment and recovery. 

Click on the button below to join the mailing list for the Lunch and Learns, which EDIN hosts together with Atlanta dietitian Page Love of Nutrifit Sports Therapy. We respectfully suggest an attendee donation in the amount of at least $10 to support of EDIN's ongoing outreach work.  

LGBTQIA+ Educational Outreach

In late 2019, EDIN will introduce an outreach program that specifically addresses the needs and concerns of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Current data that suggest there may be an increased incidence of eating disorders among adolescents and adults within the LGBTQIA community, and also concerns about how best to provide treatment, support, and recovery to these sufferers. For more information on this new program, and to book an informative and engaging EDIN presentation, please click on the button below.

The EDIN Speakers' Bureau

EDIN has more than 50 engaging, trained and vetted speakers available to address the specific informational needs of your audience. Many of our speakers hold professional credentials as dieticians, clinicians, and therapists, and are available to share their expertise on disordered eating, eating disorders, warning signs, prevention, treatment, recovery, and stories of hope.
We hope you'll consider inviting an EDIN speaker to your next health fair, lunch and learn, wellness discussion, or nutrition education conversation. 

To book an informative and engaging one-hour presentation and discussion, please click on the button below.