merrick’s walk

DATE: October 20th, 2019

LOCATION: The Galloway School

merrick's walk

Merrick’s Walk for EDIN is an annual event that began to honor Merrick Ryan, who passed away in 2000 from complications related to anorexia nervosa. She was 19 years old. At the time of her passing, Merrick was an alumna of Galloway School and a freshman at Bates College in Maine. She was treasured by all those who knew and loved her. Each year, EDIN partners with the Galloway School to host a walk in memory of Merrick. 

Merrick's Walk for EDIN has three important goals: 

  • To raise awareness about the seriousness of eating disorders. 

  • To remember those who have lost their battle with an eating disorder. 

  • To raise funds for EDIN that are used to support our education programs in schools and communities. 

merrick's walk 2
merrick's walk 3


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